Our story

We will begin by saying that healthy food is definitely not fast food; even homemade food, with the vegetables and fruits bought from supermarkets, selected and grown for quantity purposes mostly, will not offer you a real healthy way of eating. Because of the selection process, based mainly only on quantity criteria, the genetic variety will be reduced in the near future. A result of the reduced genetic variety will be the lack of savor, fewer vitamins and other decreased nutritional compounds. In other words, we will have nice looking food, just perfect for a photo shooting, but lacking basic nutritional qualities.

Green Common Sense – What makes us different?

​Cannabis hybridization and seed bank business started in the mid 80’s in Europe, The Netherlands. Just like for vegetables and fruits, for cannabis, the selection of different traits, their hybridization and also true breeding of certain characteristics are the key factors for a successful seed production. By selecting plants only for short flowering time and big yields will not ensure necessary quality. In order to get quality weed, the breeder has to choose the plants also for parameters like resin content, resistance to pests and different diseases and nevertheless for the quality of the final product. We believe these are the great assets of Green Common Sense seeds production. Hard work and dedication can be recognized in each seed.

Because of the legal aspects of cannabis seed business, until 1999, seeds could be produced in The Netherlands. The information available on this website and also on other sources shows us some aspects of the pioneering of cannabis breeding scene. Taking this information into account, our mission is to promote cannabis genetics that have a certain pedigree and extensive breeding work. Harvesting healthy plants, with good medical and recreational value, good yields and tasty buds will show you the real truth about the genetics you have chosen. Again, again and again, genetics are the most important parameter when growing vegetables, fruits and nevertheless cannabis.​ The skills of growers are also to be taken into account, but if the seeds that grower starts with don’t have a good genetic value, the end result cannot be satisfying. Growing a plant it’s not rocket science, but it takes time, care and a lot of love, so choose wisely the genetics, to be well medicated, happy and to enjoy amazing flavors. ​Everybody is promoting the same thing, but in order to get the real deal, read a bit of history, purchase seeds from reputable seed banks, just to be sure what you pay for it worth’s the value and the waiting time till harvest. ​​In present are hundreds of seed banks on the market, but only the real and good cannabis breeders that established seed banks with good genetics after extensive years of work, will always be between few that are opened to talk about their genetics and encouraging growers to show their results for everybody. So, do your homework regarding genetic heritage of what seeds you want to buy, search for grow and smoke reviews (not only 1 or 2 reviews) and pay attention to the transparency offered by seed banks. The names of strains mean nothing in an industry where patents are inexistent.​​

With good genetic material a happy green trail will arise in front of you.