About Us

Green Common Sense – Back to your roots!

Green Common Sense is a company based in The Netherlands. The core business and main activity of the company is the sale of cannabis seeds as souvenirs or as collectables. Green Common Sense promotes certain cannabis genetics, genetics which Green Common Sense believes are among the best on the cannabis seeds market.

Our vision:

​Green Common Sense strongly believes prohibition of cannabis is an unauthorized invasion made by legal entities to the individual’s freedom of choice.​

Green Common Sense strongly believes cannabis has proven medical qualities, qualities that are discovered during years of researches and studies. It should be regulated based on empirical criteria and it should not be prohibited only based on normative judgements and misinformation. ​

Green Common Sense strongly believes, based on empirical research, that cannabis is less harmful to a person’s health ​​than alcohol, tobacco or caffeine, which are all legal and widely used and regulated all over the world.

​Green Common Sense strongly believes the regulation of cannabis can reduce the crime and violence connected with the illegal selling of cannabis. For example, by giving the permission of personal growing, possession and consumption of cannabis, the number of street dealers and connected crime and violence can be reduced.​

Green Common Sense strongly believes the regulation of cannabis cultivation can reduce the danger connected to the use of cannabis from the black market. Because a regulation is not made, growing cannabis today doesn’t have to respect certain quality standards, therefore the cannabis found on black market is most of the times grown with pesticides and inorganic fertilizers, which, for example, may contain heavy metals or other harmful compounds. ​

Green Common Sense strongly believes the regulation of cultivation, possession and commercial activities regarding cannabis may be a rich new source of tax revenues worldwide and can reduce a high amount of unjustified costs connected with campaigns of prohibition of cannabis.​

​Our mission:

​The representatives of Green Common Sense are pro-cannabis activists. ​

Green Common Sense promotes the individual freedom of choice, as long as this freedom does not interfere with other’s freedom. ​

Green Common Sense supports the medical and recreational values of cannabis usage. Green Common Sense supports the usage of organic, free-pesticides grown cannabis and supports the healthy usage of cannabis by vaporizing or ingesting it, instead of smoking it.​

Green Common Sense, by its activities, promotes the preservation of authentic cannabis genetics, genetics that can be recognized in our seed stock. Green Common Sense promotes bio diversity in cannabis genetics, which is sustained only by regular seeds. The feminized seeds cannot contribute to genetic preservation and bio diversity. ​

Green Common Sense supports the regulation of the cultivation, possession and commercial activities of cannabis, as long as a quality standard and work ethics are established. Green Common Sense supports this taking into account the numerous advantages connected to regulation: health and medical benefits, legal and social benefits and economic benefits.